Thursday, 31 October 2013

Short Story Homework Update


Thank you to those of you who have already completed their homework and commented on the blog. Your comments will not appear until I have moderated them, and as I don't want anybody to 'borrow' another person's hard work they will remain hidden until the deadline.

The ones I have received so far (you know who you are) look very good, so well done, and I hope you enjoyed reading the stories.

Hope you are all having a fabulous break.

Happy Halloween!

Miss Wing

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  1. What makes a short story different from a regular story first of all is the setting.
    The setting has to be right for the mood of the story, and cant be confusing. Using descriptions of the landscape and scenery gives the reader a sense, or image of where the story is set or what the place might look like. In a longer story however the scene is built up over time, whereas a short story might bring you straight into the action and the plot immediately to interest the reader. The second element of a short story is the character. The right character is very important so that the reader can relate to the character that should have very human traits and feelings. A good character for me, is one that is funny but still relatable at the same time, and also you can get to know them quickly, whereas in a novel it might take more time to work out who the character is and there motives. Equally in a short story sometimes it’s ok to add a sense of mystery to a character, which will sustain the reader. Another thing for a good short story is an easy plot to follow. If a story is everywhere and the motive and scripts are unclear to the reader they will loose interest as things will become a diversion from the story, so short stories are good because they tend to keep to the plot as they have less time to confuse the reader. The last important part of a short story is the theme. Unclear themes in a story can create confusion and that’s why short stories tend to keep to one theme, i.e., horror, comedy, flashbacks, romantic.