Thursday, 14 November 2013

Homework due Tuesday 19th

Summarise your ideas for your story in a comment of no more than 8 bullet points and link each point to one of the elements of plot structure we looked at:

  • Exposition (beginning)
  • Rising action
  • Climax
  • Falling action
  • Resolution (ending)


  1. Under Pressure

    Fred, Head of MOD Finster, Has a lot on his plate. Somewhere deep inside the base, there is a serious security breech, and lots of the weapons and blue-prints for future weaponry is being leaked to foreign terrorist groups, that he knows are planning to take over the entirety of Europe.

    Rising Climax:-
    Fred is faced with a serious dilemma, either blow up the base to stop any more leakage: killing everyone living and working inside; or leave it, knowing that the leakage will carry on happening, and knowing that due to Finister's geographic location, it is the first place that this terrorist group will try to take over.
    Fred decides not to blow up, thinking that there might be a small chance that the terrorists will not kill everyone in the base.
    Meanwhile, President Jack, hires an assassin to kill the person who is leaking the weapons by whatever means possible. Frank the assassin, goes away to find out who the leaker is. The leaker is actually Fred, and so goes on the run through the base, from Frank. Frank then grabs a tank and gives chase, and ends up running over Fred.

    A month after this happens, the terrorists capture the base. They go mad, killing everyone they don't like.
    President Jack hears about this, and so takes matters into his own hands. He is faced with a decision, blow up the base, or leave it for the terrorists. He chooses to blow it up.

    Falling action:-
    President Jack blows up the base, and news spreads all over the world, everyone hears about it.

    President Jack, feels so bad about killing so many innocent people, so that he goes off and kills himself.
    Frank then also being 2nd in command, as well as being an assassin, steps up to take the presidents place.

  2. Ideas for my story:
    -Edward tells his grandson Jim why he has so many scars on his body. He explains his traumatic childhood, where he was beaten. And as a result committed some crimes. (EXPOSITION)
    -He says how he was so angry and that everything had built up in his head. So to release the anger he joined the army, aged 22. (RISING ACTION)
    -He explains that he got really stressed from shooting people. (RISING ACTION)
    -He gets captured by enemy forces and so he doesn't get shoot he agrees to join them. (CLIMAX)
    -He reveals all the army's tactics under all the pressure of having being told to shoot a British man. (CLIMAX)
    -He doesn't want to betray his country by shooting them so he runs away as he can’t deal with everything. (CLIMAX)
    -He hands himself in to the police for all the crimes he did as a teenager as he feels he has to clear his name. (FALLING ACTION)
    -But during the time he is kept in the cells he screams and shouts and asks for help as he is mad. He gets put into a mental institute for 20 years. Then when he comes out he has a family and evolves as a person. Then has a grandson and tells him the story of what happened to him and teaches him some life lessons. (RESOLUTION)

  3. exposition. starts with a boy called jake, just a normal boy and his dad that works for the queen. Jake has only ever been told little things about his dads job. his mother had left his farther when jake was only five.

    rising action. his dad gets ill and jake realises that he is the only one that can take over his dads job. he was told its something that has to carry on trough generations. his mother couldn't take over because she had left so it wouldn't be the same.

    climax. his dad gets too ill to be able to work. Jake has to go and help and take his dads place with only the few things his dad had told him as experience. By this time he had not long became 16.

    falling action. (twist) he's under pressure because he has lots to do and he is relied on a lot of the time. he is given a lot of responsibilities. doing all the things his dad would have done. through this time jake realises something different. the queen talks of his grandson and how he is missed and something about a spy.

    resolution. it all inks up. he puts the things the queen had been talking about together an came up with conclusion that he is the queens great grandson. and that his dad was once a spy helping the queen. he tells the queen all he knows and grows up taking on the role of the spy his dad once was. this would be his job until he became king.

    gemma Mortimer.

  4. Exposition- Jess moves to a new school hoping to leave her ba memories in the past but that all blows up when she becomes friends with the popular girls at school. Her past comes flooding back into her mind, and she is freaking out that it will happen again because she was popular in her old school, - Falshback hapens.
    Rising Action- Jess goes home everyday feeling stressed because she has to pretend she likes having all the attenion when really its breaking her, she then has to go home to a broken household, when her druken dad comes home, he turned into a monster once jess' mum died. So he got drunk everyday and he would return and take his anger out on jess with whatever he could get he could get hold of.
    Climax- The twist happens- Jess makes a risky decision to take her friend home with her one day hoping that she could et her friend home before her dad returned home. But to her suprise when she got in her druken dad was already home. Her friend nicole got really freaked out and started to cry and Jess was worried as she knew what he was capable of, he was so drunk that he thought Nicole was his daughter so he dragged her into the kitchen and started to beat nicole just like he did everyday with Jess. Jess called nicoles mum and nicoles mum then called the plice. Jess was so relieved to have her dad out of her life forever, now she could start to concertrate at school.
    Falling action- Jess is now doing really well in school, but is still shy from her past. Lily her sister has come to live with her after finishing university. Jess goes into her room to relax for abit after a long day at school and starts to think about her mum and hope that she is looking down on her and is proud, but her thoughts get interuppted when she can see her mum flating above her bed as an angel. After talking to her mum Jess is now more confident and happy like she was at her old school.
    Resoulution- Jess has finally graduated and is celebrating with her friends and sister. Everything has been going well for Jess recently and she is finally enjoying her life. She has also met a charming guy while she was graduating and now she is enjoying every moment they have together!

  5. -Milo Vellucci is a prisoner, put there for murder. He keeps trialing for release because he insists he didn’t commit the murder - BEGINNING
    -A month ago, a deadly virus spread in the world, killing victims in 48 hours. The first symptom shown is a bruise over your heart. Milo discovers he has the virus and with 48 hours left to live, he needs to settle things with the murder victim’s mother. - RISING
    -Lack of prison officers helps him to break out of prison, and he tries to track the mother. When he gets there, she tries to call the police, but he sedates her with a needle he found at the prison. - CLIMAX
    -When she wakes up she is tied to a chair. She knows Milo as he was the murder victim (Erin)‘s boyfriend. She never approved of him as early in his and Erin’s relationship he was sent to prison for theft, and the mother thinks he is a bad influence. - FALLING
    -He sits opposite the Mum and explains everything. In a real life he is explaining, but it’s a flashback (in 1st person). Erin was born with a never-before seen heart problem. Recently it became deadly and she needed a heart transplant. Milo tried to steal money from his father (who had kicked Milo out)’s bank account and was sent to jail for the attempted theft of £200,000. He was released. A year later, he comes home from one of his work (he has 3 jobs to try and make money for the transplant) and finds Erin dead in the bath. She had commit suicide. He tried to save her but it was too late, so his fingerprints were all over the scene. And also his criminal record was taken into account. He was accused of the murder and Erin's mother also thought he had done it. Forensics found on Erin's dead body a bruise over her heart. The strange heart problem started the virus. - FALLING
    -Back in reality, the mother breaks down, but Milo collapses. He only has an hour left to live. He is unconscious for the remaining hour. But little does he know, there’s a cure. Erin had a younger sister who was recently discovered to have blood that could cure the victims of the virus. Her mother discovered this recently and uses this to cure Milo. He wakes up and she tells him she cured him, and he knows that he is forgiven. - CONCLUSION

  6. Exposition (beginning): Describing the main character and sub character along with setting and environment
    Rising action: The main character loses social status so she begins to steal money, take drugs etc. to become more popular, she is pressured by the sub character to do so
    Climax: the main character gets into fight and gets charged with assault. Main character runs out of the police station where and climbs to the roof of a house
    Falling action: she sits with the sub character where they talk and discuss 'what's next'
    Resolution (ending): Both characters decide the only way out is to jump, but as a reader you don't know if they actually do

  7. Exposition (kind of- main action): the plane is diving down to a lower air pressure, because the oxygen masks have been let down and because the air pressure was too high- bright lights, dramatic.
    Rising Action: Plane taking off, boy is worried etc- the mum is calm
    Climax: the oxygen masks falling, then the plane diving down(same as opening) boy suddenly calm, mum is scared etc. bright lights, plane is suddenly okay, angels- no one believes it
    Falling action/resolution: Investigator of the plane incident doesn't understand how the engines came back on, he jokes saying "it was as if angels were carrying it"

  8. Exposition: Flashback - character (Edward/Ed) is in a hospital bed and his vision is a blur, describing the dark setting surrounding him and exploring his personality (e.g determined and fearless character)

    Rising action: Fighting a battle against his disorder (anxiety, bipolar disorder) and introducing everyday life into the plot. Emphasis on how Ed struggles with this and how certain factors are affecting him e.g family, school.

    Climax: His mother unfortunately passed away and unsure on what to do with himself; has a massive impact and this results in a bad reaction due to disorder (which becomes worse, putting more pressure on himself as well as father).

    Falling action: Ed goes over his options and considers to run away? (not sure as of yet).

    Resolution: Edward eventually runs away but yet he struggles to cope on his own and goes downhill. Possible twist could be that his mother is actually alive (too cruel?) and goes out to search for him, finds him etc

    - Chels H-S

  9. Exposition: Another murder. Recently there has been a large amount of mass murders in Victorian London and panic is spreading through the streets. Our main character examines the body of a dead women with the same mark cut into her wrist as all the others that were killed.
    Rising action: Clues are researched. The reader starts to find out about the history of the main character and there is another murder. Clues start to link together.
    Climax: The main character goes alone to a meeting place with someone. The clues from the murders was a message to him. The murderer is his farther. They have a fight and out main character wins..
    Falling action: What truly happened on the night when his mother supposedly died with his farther. Father is then arrested and main character returns home.
    Resolution: He starts his biggest case. Who he really is.

  10. Exposition
    -A few short sentences in the perspective of the coma patient, describing the sensation of her falling.
    -Still in coma patient's perspective. Listening to a conversation between her family and the surgeon. It's distorted and confused. Slowly, conversation and the patient's thoughts slowly grow clearer. She recognises her father's voice, which triggers a flashback.

    Rising action
    - Coma patient's viewpoint. Flashback. Final of a gymnastics event, and she's all set to win if she gets a perfect score on her last event. Father is shouting at her, pressuring her to win. She slips, falls and the darkness closes in.
    -Surgeon's perspective. Back to reality. Now in surgery, everything is going well, but soon her own (or her family's?) voices start to filter through, telling her she's a failure, that she is worthless.
    The heart monitor and the voices quicken and build up, until it's too much and the surgeon's hand slips. Silence.-Climax

    Falling action
    -Coma patient's viewpoint. The darkness is closing in, the pressure on her brain builds until, nothing.
    -Surgeon's perspective. Despair. Distraught and slightly disbelieving of what's just happened, she stumbles out of the theatre sobbing, turning the light out behind her.

    Out of the darkness, a single beep of the heart monitor...

    Bethan H

  11. Exposition
    Paragraph setting the scene of a WW1 soldier, Peter, staring into the face of death (takingin his final memory of the world before he goes over the top.) he seems to be resigned to the fact of his imminent death. Descripted language using imagry (not much about back-story AS OF YET.)

    Rising action
    Flashback to events leading to conscripture. Walking through town square with childhood friend, Meg. They hear the thunderous marching of the boots and gather with the crowd to see what's going on. (The're signing people up for the trenches.) By now you realise he's quite a shy, reserved character; by no means a hero. Lots of people he knows are there; one of which being pretty, popular Nancy. He watches lots of older boys sign up, and thinks its finally time to defy every ones expectations of him, (Impress Nancy basically...) and sign up. When he enters the line UGII runs on acts sickeningly flirty, saying something less cheesy that "My hero!" but along the same lines. To reder it somehow becomes obvious that Meg is quietly shocked/scared. To Peter, the whole event makes him feel very proud and confident. But perhaps, one subtle thing in the text hints sadness?? Last this in flash back is Nancy asking him nicely to bring he back something.

    Falling Action.
    He goes over the top and dies. Before the lights go out he seems to be describing his last thoughts as kiss.

    Fashback to his walking down the garden path after saying farewell to his mother. Language is calm in contrast to the atmosphere created in the trenches, but still sad. just as he gets the the gate, from the top of the hill he sees a figure standing, slowly waving. Realising it's Meg, who he hasn't properly scene since he signed up, he drops his kitbag, trembling and his feet carry him up the hill to Meg. She's crying and says the only thing she wants is him to bring back is his life. Ends with the lead up to a kiss.

    Amy C

  12. my story
    exposition- short sentence building the picture of time moving slowly, Romone is sat in a car waiting while looking at a picture of him and his mum while she's in hospital he starts to cry

    rising action - they are late out of the bank and romone is getting worried as the cops are on their way, they escape just in time and are being chased by the cops. they come to a level crossing romone, as the driver, decides to risk it and get over the train line.

    climax - the car is hit by a train and romone is killed instantly the other 3 brothers are badly injured but survive

    falling action - a few weeks later romones mum goes to lay flowers down on his grave. she is really emotional.

    resolution - she say a bit about how he didn't need to do it and how she would love him and she isn't disappointed and stuff like that in a prayer kind of way

  13. Exposition
    -(two main characters are introduced) Abigail is in her dance studio practicing in front of the mirrors when she catches her sisters face in the background, when she turns around she's gone.
    -jessalyn (Abigail's twin sister) is studying in her room, chanting the answers to herself repeatedly. Her room is covered from floor to ceiling with inspirational posters "be the best" she is also listening to the radio, where a girl's body has been found in the schools swimming pool.
    Rising action
    -New student at the twins school, in jessalyns class is found dead during his first week.
    -Abigail finds out important information about the murders and whilst on the way to the police station with the evidence is attacked and drugged. The drug causes memory loss.
    -consequently jess takes abbies place in her dance competition and wins.
    -something jogs Abigail's memory and she calls the police.
    -jessalyn is arrested
    Falling action
    -jessalyn is questioned and admits to several murders including the girl whose body was found in the swimming pool.
    -when questioned on why she did what she did to those people she says "successful people aren't born that way. They become successful by establishing the habit of doing things unsuccessful people don't like to do. The successful people don't always like these things themselves. They just get on and do them"

  14. Exposition:Year 2121. World underwater. Starts on sea floor, 21km down. Soca Toha has sunk, and is struggling to live; the pressure is intense.
    Rising action:Flashback. Called to HQ, in what was London. Special mission. Has to collect medicine from what was Tokyo.
    Rising action: Gets into the nuclear submarine UL-21, a new sub. Something is amiss. There's an unusual light coming from somewhere, but it doesn't seem too dangerous.
    Climax:Has medicines on board, now heading back. Over the Mariana Trench, goes to check cargo as about to hit a current. Medicines are fake!
    Falling action: Suddenly, an engine fails. Soca Toha gets ready for the worst to happen; gets into the escape pod. UL-21 explodes. Escape pod gets out, then it explodes. Soca Toha sinks.
    Conclusion: Just a few minutes before, the boss opens a suitcase. Complains about Soca Toha: too investigative, knows too much. Inside the suitcase is a button. Presses it.
    Richard Howson

  15. Mr. Rodgers is an old man who retires from teaching today. The story opens with everyone congratulating him and saying goodbye. Upon leaving the school, Mr. Rodgers runs a school chid and drives away in shock. (Exposition).
    At home, Mr. Rodgers locks all his doors and windows. He closes his curtains so nobody can get in or out.
    Over the week, he answers no calls and he doesn't open the door to anybody. The only person he can talk to, is his cat. More and more letters come through his door every day and he doesn't open a single one.
    One day, no letters come. Silence. At the end of the day his house is raided by armed police, and he is taken to be questioned. His neighbours and colleagues confused as to why such action is taken against an old man.
    (Rising action)
    During questioning Mr. Rodgers says nothing, he refuses to speak. 12 pictures of children are put on the table, previously thought to have disappeared mysteriously, but now they know the truth. A seemingly frail, old man now appears to be a mass killer. Over 15 years, he methodically killed 12 of his pupils and hid them in his basement.
    Mr Rodgers is sentenced to life in prison. When he is due to arrive at the high security prison however, he mysteriously disappears.
    George Muddle

  16. Note- I have not fully developed my story yet so some of it will not be in much detail
    -WW2 1941, Russian Scientist Viktor Alexandre brother dies in battle while asleep (unaware of enemy)
    -Viktor and other Russian researches come together to conduct a 30 day long experiment to see if the new gas works and the affects of it (gas has been made to keep people awake to fight through the night)
    Rising action
    -The test subjects were political prisoners deemed enemies of the state during World War II.
    -Everything was fine for the first five days; it was noted that the general tone of their conversations took on a darker aspect after the 4 day mark.
    -On the morning of the 14th day the researchers did something they said they would not do to get a reaction from the captives, they used the intercom inside the chamber, hoping to provoke any response from the captives they were afraid were either dead or vegetables.To their surprise they heard a single phrase in a calm voice response: "We no longer want to be freed."
    -Debate broke out among the researchers and the military forces funding the research. Unable to provoke any more response using the intercom it was finally decided to open the chamber at midnight on the fifteenth day.
    -The chamber was flushed of the stimulant gas and filled with fresh air and immediately voices from the microphones began to object. 3 different voices began begging for the gas. The chamber was opened and soldiers sent in to retrieve the test subjects
    -It was discovered that they had turned to cannibalism/went insane
    -2 of the subject died
    -3 remaining test subject were put back into the chamber with Viktor inside
    -after 3 days Viktor begin to go insane and shoots 2 of the 3 remaining subjects
    Falling action
    -Viktor asks what they were and is given a chilling answer
    -Viktor shoots the remaining subject but as the militray were funding this whole project they were furious that Viktor had ruined it and left him in there
    Lucy Collette

  17. Exposition:
    • It will start off with Nasa 20 years ago deciding to build a space ship to go to mars.
    Rising action:
    • When the space ship was built the Nasa team went over it to see if everything was in shape
    • When the astronauts (Donald McMonagle and Gary Payton) blasted off, one of the screws in the releasers became loose which caused it to stop working.
    • This causes the boasters to get jammed in the space ship, which made it too heavy for the space ship to get out of the earths orbit
    • They plummeted back to earth heading straight for the Indian ocean
    Falling Action:
    • They shut off the engines and tried to reduce the speed but their was no way of doing it
    • Then they tried to open the parachute but they were too close to the earth’s surface. They crash into the ocean
    • The Space ship begins to sink and the pressure of the water is beginning to crush the space ship, they get crushed and die

    Shaun Kailla

  18. *Instead of writing a story about being under pressure, I decided to write one about how my character deals with pressure*

    Exposition - Struggling with work
    Rising Action - Stress building up and claustrophobia sets in
    Climax - Leaves it all behind and walks out
    Falling action - Walks to an abandoned park and just sits there listening
    Resolution - Pressure just vanishes and the character has an idea of what to do.

  19. My story-
    At the start, the main character called John is preparing to murder an old school friend. It is his first time committing murder, he is scared but knows he has to carry it through.
    Before murder, John is being threatened by a gang. The main gang members, including Johnny, the leader are introduced. The back story is explained (owes debt, has to do what he is told to prevent the debt getting bigger, each time he refuses a family member is killed) Then John is sent to do the murder.
    John finds his uncle had been killed after John had refused to be part a bank robbery. He realizes the extent of his issue and has a mental break down. He needs to find something to do.
    A police raid arrests some members of the gang but the leader escaped. John then has to decide whether to run, or try and turn in the rest of the gang but get charged for his crimes.
    He decides to run and hide from the police. He realizes what he as done and how his life has changed for ever. He becomes very hatred of the leader and angry for what has happened.
    Repeat of opening. He is going to murder the gang leader in the same fashion as the murder at the begging. But this time he finds it easy and satisfying, he has changed into a senseless evil being. Like the members of the gang he was black mailed by at the start.

  20. my story is about the pressure of a tribe on a young man.

    exposition: Patamon is on the trail of a group of deer. he talks about the woman he loves and wants to marry Nashota he describes her big brown eyes and freckled face (like the big brown eyes of a doe and the patterns of a fawn (hint hint)

    Rising action: Patamon finds the deer and a doe that has seperated from the group slightly (incoming mental indecision) Patamon is under pressure to bring back a kill from the tribe leader befor he can marry Nashota. Nashota is also pressing him to do it but patamon thinks it is wrong but must to marry her

    Climax: Patamon shoots the doe/ Nashota dramatically dies! oh no!!!!

    Falling action: Patamon has an ominous feeling of regret and out of nowhere a fawn appears crying for her mother/ the villagers and nashotas mother cry for their lost daughter.

    resoloution: Patamon realizes his mistake in going against his morals and being pressurized into doing things he does not want to. He kills the fawn knowing it would not survive without its mother.

    ...dont know what else yet...

  21. I still need to research the finer Science details:

    - Betrys Owen comes to consciousness in a bland, bleach white room; steel walls, no windows or doors. She's on a cold, metal table with no visible ties and with a small table and a hologram of Earth spinning rather fast. She tries to get off but receives an electric current from sudden pale blue 'ropes'.
    - A young man, if you will (of about 20 years) teleports into the room. He reveals his initials (G.O.D) and says how he created Earth for his Environmental Science coursework as a part of his Γενικό Πιστοποιητικό Δευτεροβάθμιας Εκπαίδευσης (General Certificate of Secondary Education). There's a time bubble around it and Earth time goes faster in the bubble than outside time. G.O.D's world is included in a literal World War and if their world is destroyed it'll create a time rip and cause THEIR universe, as well as all the other coursework pieces on their world, to implode. She has an outstanding capability of holding information compared to normal humans and is perfectly healthy and so will do well in the 'plan'. Still working on explaining it better.
    - Betrys is taken into a lab and helps finalise calculations for a nuclear bomb which will be planted into the opposing planet's resident super volcano (like Yellowstone in Wyoming, USA- except Yellowstone is likely to erupt at any given time and this one isn't due for another thousand years). It will hopefully destroy all people and possible threats. Why beat them once when you can prevent them from ever coming back?
    - Betrys is teleported to a hidden vault in the super volcano headquarters that the enemies constructed. It's boiling for her human body and she almost can't take it. Team lead by G.O.D. She suddenly feels exposed and hears whispering voices. Sirens go off.
    - G.O.D has a rant at Betrys- the enemies are telepathic and knew she was there. G.O.D and his species have learnt to build walls. Too late to go back, though, so they power on. Betrys comes across her older brother, Brynn, injured. G.O.D says enemies duplicate themselves into figures that their opposition have emotional ties to. Kills Brynn. Later come across Mum, best friend Morgana and another mate. All killed by G.O.D.
    - Suddenly tunnels illuminate bright red and a voice over tells of a self-destruct mode. Panicking. They'll die WITH their enemies. They reach the control room and attempt to turn off self-destruct. They carry on panicking and have a chaotic rush of ideas to save themselves but still kill the enemy. No such luck. G.O.D signals to be teleported back to the home planet. Beamed out, everything goes black.
    - Betrys awakes, again, in hospital wing with other beings of the planet. Feels stiff and aching. Asks why she blanked out after being teleported. Told of how the enemy tampered with teleportation communications and misrouted the data from the system. All the minds were put back into the wrong bodies once they got back. Betrys looks in a mirror and notices she's different (in G.O.D's body). She demands to be put back into her body but is told her body was blasted from the impact of the super volcano explosion and falling heavily onto the roof of a building (the aim of the teleporter got messed up too). Betrys has no body to go to once G.O.D returns to his and so will die. . . To make it less painful they ask whether she wants to be wiped from existence. Of course not! They then suggest she could be turned into an artificial intelligence, but all her memory will be wiped and edited suitably.
    - Betrys says a deep little quote about being helpful even when dead but then ruins it with a sarcastic/cocky nod to G.O.D. She's sedated.
    - Ending is an information file about the war and this certain event of the super volcano- still haven't worked out whether that's how I'll finish it, I will most likely change it.

    -Emma S

  22. My story is about a young boy, who comes from a broken family, that has been pressured by his older brother to help earn money for them both by dealing drugs.
    It starts right in the middle of the action with a lot of shouting and violence
    A young man hasn't paid them for their drug which results in the main character been forced to film as his brother and friends brutally beat the man.
    During this he starts having flash backs to the times where he used to hear his mother abuse his father.
    Eventually, sirens of police cars and ambulances progressively get louder and the camera is dropped.
    His brother and friends make a run for it but he freezes and soon finds himself shoved in the back of a police car.
    The story comes to an ends with the car pulling up outside a police station.

  23. first person story set in the 'underworld' of a future city
    dystopia where the rich live above
    build up of tension reads newspapers sees reports of revolt and violence
    story of rebellion
    rebellion put down and story ends with possible executions
    (i'm not very good at this sort of thing)

  24. Mine doesn't really follow the plot structure exactly...
    Exposition-Mother of 3 ill in hospital with cancer and her family extremely worried about her condition. (Opening scene- Jake's dream being drawn into a strong current, the water deciding which way he goes. Hitting rocks and debris, tries to gasp for air. Wakes up screaming.
    Rising action-Max gets into a big fight at school and is expelled, big family argument causes him to decide to run away. Whilst away call from hospital says that mum's condition has got dramatically worse and the next time they see her will probably be the last. Call from Aunt saying Max turned up at her house and he comes back a day later apologizing.
    Climax-Family haven't visited for 4 days, worried that it's already too late to see their mum. Go to hospital she is still there and looks refreshed and at ease, they stay the night and leave in the morning.
    Falling action-On the way out they pass a doctor who states how sorry he is for the loss of their mum who he says died to nights ago. Confused they tell him that they've just seen her alive.
    Resolution- Doctor and family go back into room to see it just the way it was the day they came in and the bed empty and made...