Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Short Story Deadline 8pm Tonight

Any comments submitted after this time will not be accepted and will result in a 25 minute lunch time detention.


  1. The four points that I found different in the short stories compared to published novels are that:
    • A short novel gradually builds up and stays in one location but published novels usually go around to several different places and can end in many different ways
    • A short novel is set in a very simple location but is described in detail
    • In the short novels their aren’t many characters in the story and they are described in detail, but when there are lots of characters they are usually described as a group
    • Short stories are based on simple subjects which are quite boring, while published novels are based on exciting and extravagant

    By Shaun Kailla

  2. Four points that make short stories different to longer novels:
    It gets straight into the action of the story with not much of an introduction.
    Short sentences are used more often than long descriptive ones, building more tension.
    There's one set story line, not any sidelines ; focusing on one main character.
    Although lots of adjectives may be used, the story line itself in not very complex/ detailed.